MidMos Solutions presents BB ALERT®Active

BB ALERT® Active is a Bed Bug monitor which is designed to attract Bed Bugs by mimicking a host.

Bed Bugs feed exclusively on the blood of warm blooded animals (specifically, people) and they use a number of "clues" to help locate their meals. BB ALERT® Active simulates the warmth and respiration that Bed Bugs use as indicators to find their hosts.

The BB ALERT® Active replaceable activator is supplied in a sealed package. When opened and exposed to the air it starts to generate heat and moisture, which together are mimics of the mammalian respiration signs that triggers a feeding response in Bed Bugs. The activator is placed inside the BB ALERT® Active base and enclosed by the insulated top cover.

When in use, the insulated top cover leaves a specifically designed gap around the unit's base. This restricts the flow of air, creating a micro-climate within the device and a controlled flow of heat and moisture to the outside. This temperature and humidity gradient leads the Bed Bug to the unit.

Around the base of the BB ALERT® Active are rows of small spikes. These mimic the hairs typically found on mammals, and provides discretion for the unit's contents. Inside the base of the unit is the insect adhesive that traps the Bed Bugs. The unit also has a carpet base for securing the unit on carpeted surfaces.

Years of trials and field tests with "live" Bed Bug infestations have demonstrated that the BB ALERT® Active will detect large numbers of nymphs as well as adult Bed Bugs.

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